Why do women avoid weights…

Going to gym has become a life style. It is a must if you want to look fit or feel good about yourself.

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Everyone has a different reason why they workout. Men and women specially. Men like to work on strong core and women mostly work on glutes and legs.

Many times I hear women talk about exercising and how weights are not something they prefer. How working with weights will make them look like men.

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It is false! No women can have muscles like men, unless she uses supplements.

If you don’t like floppy underarms you have to work with weights. Also it is important to change it every 3 or 4 weeks. Working out with same weight will have no results after some time.

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If you are trying to tone your arms you have to work on your shoulders and all groups of muscles. So not just your biceps or one type of exercise. It is also shoulders, back and combination of exercises will bring you to beautiful arms and shoulders.

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You will look better in your favorite clothes, more comfortable to show your arms and even the jewellery will look better if your arms are nicely toned.

And just remember, you will not have big muscles like men have. It will just tone them and give you more feminine appearance without floppy underarms.

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