Social media vs real life

We are loosing the game against social media. People do not talk to each other any more. I go to cafe shop and look at people sharing the table but not looking at each other.

Boys and girls going out and chatting with other people. Not exchanging even a word. It is so sad where the social life is going. It is trapped between mobile phones, tablets, Facebook, Instagram and viber.



All we do is checking notifications, we do not call our friends any more. We viber them, don’t go out or meet, we like their posts and comment their tweets. Even if we do meet in person, we spend most of the time checking the phones.

Where does it end? It is addiction we are not even aware of. Any one can test themselves and see how long can they be without phone. How long can I wait before I check news feed.

The other problem is posting of pictures taken where ever we go. We post the food, clothes, accessories what we eat, what we buy. If it is not posted it is almost like it didn’t happen.

We go to concert and don’t enjoy or watch and listen. All we are doing is making clips or photos, so we can post it on Instagram or twitter. We became such a braggarts.

Phones are killing the social life and it is all down to social media.

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