Image By Dajana
Image By Dajana

Have you ever heard of this city that has exciting history, the best food, beautiful women and amazing architecture? It is a capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Most people know about it from news, when 20 years ago there was a war in Balkans. City has survived 4 years of siege never loosing the spirit and sense for culture, beauty and humor.

Image By Dajana
Image By Dajana

Today it is one of the popular destinations for tourists from all over the world.
Mostly they are attracted by hospitality, great food and differences that make this city so unique.
Located in Europe it is connected with flights from most big cities.
Surrounded with Olympic mountains, it has such a beautiful sights, that many travelers even compare to Switzerland.


Differences are something people from Sarajevo are most proud of. First they will show you a synagogue, mosque, catholic and orthodox church sharing 500 square meter of space. Placed next to each other build mostly in 16th century and later.

It will bring hope to any person that world is not a horrible place and people can share small space being totally different in one way, but also similar in so many ways at the same time.
If you are travelling to Europe, Sarajevo should be on your list under a “must see”.


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