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Love! Yes or no?

Is love just an illusion. Do we have a wrong perception of what love really means.

We dream of partners like we see on TV. The passion and sparkles, famous butterfly’s in our stomach.
Is all of that an illusion?

I met an interesting old lady. She said to me:

“Trust me! There is no love in the form we think love is. We love how we feel around someone, how they treat us and how we feel about our self. Human been is only in love with him self. All is about how I feel. And love is over rated. I would always choose friendship over love, trust, respect and all kind of other emotions. Love is illusion that will never work out unless you have friendship or respect involved.”

Image by Dajana
Image by Dajana

And thinking about it, yes it is truth. I have so many cases around me where people live together but do not share their lives. They have kids together and house and go on a vacation, but don’t talk or laugh. They just go along that rode because it is expected from them. It is what they should do, for kids, parents or friends.

Do we marry our partner and have an illusion that we will have a romance from a love movie but end up with

relationship from hell?
Maybe we need to lover our expectation.

Build the friendship, trust and respect.
We never divorce our friends. We never treat them like our partners, fighting about every single thing. We do things for them because we care and we like to help our friends. We go out for dinner with them, talk, laugh. We tell them everything and enjoy hearing about their lives. Why is it so hard to do the same with our partners?
Because we are egoistic in our love and do not cherish the friendship between us and our chosen ones. And this is

what we should do.
Go out, talk and laugh it out. Then go some place and dance, have fun and enjoy….

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