I am on a diet…

How many times have you heard this from your friends?

People struggle with weights all the time, all over the world. Reason is our today’s life stile, type of the food we eat and how we eat.

What we don’t understand most of the time, it is not a diet we need. Its a life style change that we need.
Lets say you have 5-15 kg above what you should, or even more.

Image by Dajana

This is a sign that you have been living your life in a wrong way, for some time already.
It is not about how we look or if we feel comfortable in our body. It is about our health and what can go wrong if we don’t take care of what we eat and how much we eat.

From cholesterol over diabetes to problems with knees and spine. All of this can be connected to being overweight and not eating healthy.

Diet is just solving the symptom but not the problem.

If you take all the food away all you will be thinking about is the food.

Take one step a time and work on it long term. Stop drinking soda, stop buying sweets or eating when you are bored. If you are not hungry don’t eat when you get home.

Stop eating as soon as you feel full. We have been thought by our parents not to leave food on our plate. That is wrong. If you are not hungry any more leave it.

Stop starving! If you don’t eat whole day long you are not doing good to your body and also not to your diet. You should get used to eating at least 5 times a day. Yes 5 times. You should have three main meals and 2 snacks. But make sure the portions are not big. After you get used to this regime it becomes your way of life. Adding exercise 2 or 3 times a week to this, makes you even closer to the perfect life style candidate.

Good luck!

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