Hotels VS private homes

Is the hotel industry threatened by private homes?
When you travel how do you choose your accommodation? Do you book hotels or maybe use search engines like Airbnb or and look for private homes that people rent.
If you are staying in someone’s home it doesn’t mean you are paying less. Prices are sometimes same or even higher than in hotels. But the difference is the style how you travel.

Hotel in bosnia
Image by Dajana

If you choose to stay at a house or apartment that someone is renting you get a better picture of how locals live. You meet with your hosts. Sometimes they leave some local food for you to try or take you out and show you around. It is not just accommodation it is an insight in a lifestyle of locals. Isn’t that the reason why we travel? To find out about other cultures and how people live in other countries.

hotel in sarajevo
Image by Dajana

Easiest way to do that is to live like locals, eat like locals and share the neighborhood with locals.
Compered to hotel it gives you also more comfort. But it gives you additional responsibility as well. In a hotel you don’t have to make your bed or clean the bathroom. That is not the case in private home.

hotel sarajevo
Image by Dajana

In some cases like booking with Airbnb, as a guest you get rated by hosts.
How you left the house, was it clean and other details.
Traveling to someone’s home compared to staying in a hotel is also more exciting. You never know what to expect.

sarajevo view
Image by Dajana

It is good to try new things out! So, how will you choose your next accommodation?

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