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Etiquette of life: A conventional requirements as to social behavior


We already know that anonymous letters are despicable. In etiquette, as well as in law, hiring a hit man to do the job does not relieve you of responsibility.-Judith Martin


Nothing is less important than which fork you use. Etiquette is the science of living. It embraces everything. It is ethics. It is honor.-Emily Post


He who observes etiquette but objects to lying is like someone who dresses fashionably but wears no vest.-Walter Benjamin

To be of good quality, you have to excuse yourself from the presence of shallow and callow minded individuals.- Michael Bassey Johnson


Good manners have much to do with the emotions. To make them ring true, one must feel them, not merely exhibit them.-Amy Vanderbilt


Manners are the ability to put someone else at their ease…by turning any answer into another question.-Tina Brown


When you know you can do something, and you feel good about yourself, you do not have to devalue others.-John Patrick Hickey


Contradictions, in any communication, are the first stepping stones of mistrust.- Paul Babicki


The smartest people can write the worst emails and those of less intellect can write the best.- Paul Babickii


Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners.- Laurence Sterne


The real test of good manners is to be able to put up with bad manners pleasantly.-Kahlil Gibran


Being considerate of others will take your children further in life than any college degree.- Marian Wright Edelman


Decision is the spark that ignites action. Until a decision is made, nothing happens…. Decision is the courageous facing of issues, knowing that if they are not faced, problems will remain forever unanswered.- Wilfred A. Peterson


Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.-Karen Kaiser Clark


Motivation is what gets you going. Habit is what keeps you going.-John Wooden


Etiquette is essentially how we do what we do.- Etiquette Guy


Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot. Clarence Thomas


Etiquette is the invention of wise men to keep fools at a distance.- Sir Richard Steele


Etiquette is the ceremonial code of polite life, more voluminous and minute in each portion of society according to its rank.-John Ramsay McCulloch


There was a general whisper, toss, and wiggle, But etiquette forbade them all to giggle. -Lord Byron

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