electric bike tour in Prague

If you are looking for a unique tour and active day try the electric bike tour in Prague.
It will take you to the most beautiful sights to look down on this amazing city.
There are several options but we choose the romantic tour and it really is. You will drive trough a park enjoy panoramic views over Prague. Enjoy shade driving trough threes in summer or beautiful colors if it is fall. We were lucky to do the tour at the beginning of October so it was warm and sunny but still we had the whole beauty of fall in front of us.
We even stopped in one of the original Prague restaurants and refreshed with some lemonade and water.


Tour will take you to the main entrance of the palace and just on time to witness the guard changing. After that you will drive down trough one of the most beautiful parks I have seen and back to the main road.
Driving over the bridge that will give you great overview of Charles bridge on your right side.

Tour includes:
– 3 most incredible view points on the historical part of the town
– tour is perfect for groups or families with kids since it is primarily trough parks
– About 20 stops at Prague’s most significant locations, sights and buildings
– 1 stop for refreshment, in breathtaking park where used to be a statue of a dictator Stalin with a nuclear bunkers
– You will receive the basic info about Czech history
– You will see several viewpoints over the city

I would recommend the tour for any one who enjoys life and beauty.
All in all one of the best tours I have ever had.

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