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A great time to visit Goa is the month of August.

With very less crowd this time of year, one can find some very cheap accommodation! It’s a time when monsoon have either come or approaching. The Arambol beach in North and the Paloem in south are favorites.

The monsoons make the Goa backyard a very mesmerizing sight. The experience of driving in rains on Goa’s road is magical. One of the best stretches is the Baga to Arambol drive. One must not forget to explore the vintage. The churches will transport you to a different era!



The water sports activities are mostly closed at this time of the year because of high tides.

It can also be a little quiet on the beach shacks. Not all would be open, so search for the good ones.

The forts of Anjuna or Vagator are a great place to view the seas from the top. Do check the mesmerizing Portuguese architecture of Panjim.

The casinos experience is also something that one shouldn’t miss. There are some in Baga and Panjim.



Goa is a place that one should go to have a quiet and chilling 2-3 days. Choose a good beach, just lay down in a shack, with a beer or anything you like.


electric bike tour in Prague

If you are looking for a unique tour and active day try the electric bike tour in Prague.
It will take you to the most beautiful sights to look down on this amazing city.
There are several options but we choose the romantic tour and it really is. You will drive trough a park enjoy panoramic views over Prague. Enjoy shade driving trough threes in summer or beautiful colors if it is fall. We were lucky to do the tour at the beginning of October so it was warm and sunny but still we had the whole beauty of fall in front of us.
We even stopped in one of the original Prague restaurants and refreshed with some lemonade and water.


Tour will take you to the main entrance of the palace and just on time to witness the guard changing. After that you will drive down trough one of the most beautiful parks I have seen and back to the main road.
Driving over the bridge that will give you great overview of Charles bridge on your right side.

Tour includes:
– 3 most incredible view points on the historical part of the town
– tour is perfect for groups or families with kids since it is primarily trough parks
– About 20 stops at Prague’s most significant locations, sights and buildings
– 1 stop for refreshment, in breathtaking park where used to be a statue of a dictator Stalin with a nuclear bunkers
– You will receive the basic info about Czech history
– You will see several viewpoints over the city

I would recommend the tour for any one who enjoys life and beauty.
All in all one of the best tours I have ever had.


Where to travel in the Month of October!

October is a great time to visit most of the parts in India.

Coorg, Hampi, Munnar, Pondicherry are some. A one week trip covering all these places can also be made. There are also some national parks. October is a good time to spot the wildlife. Bandipur National Reserve of Mysore is a famous one.

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Goa becomes very green and active after monsoons. This is when it begins getting into party mode. Gujarat and Rajasthan tour is another great option for a 10 day tour.

The monsoons in the East are magical. One can explore about 2 states in 10 days, and it’s surely worth it. Also West Bengal can be a good base to move further.

North begins it’s winters in October. With early days of snow about to begin, Dharamshala is a great place to spend days. One can also visit Rishikesh, Kullu-Manali, Spiti valley.



Trek to Triund

Indrahaar Pass trek is one of the most underrated treks in India. One can see some of the best landscapes there. A trek that’s a mix of rocky and plain paths and gives a surreal view of the Dharamshala.

If you’re travelling in summers or early winters, you can be lucky to see some glaciers.

Once at Triund, a panoramic view of the Dhauladhar range is what you see.

Another 2 hours takes you to the foothills of the Himalayas. You can barely see any people apart from trekking groups.

In absence of city lights, you’ll be mesmerised by the starry night. It’s an experience to savoir.

Image by Karan
Image by Karan

Hotels VS private homes

Is the hotel industry threatened by private homes?
When you travel how do you choose your accommodation? Do you book hotels or maybe use search engines like Airbnb or and look for private homes that people rent.
If you are staying in someone’s home it doesn’t mean you are paying less. Prices are sometimes same or even higher than in hotels. But the difference is the style how you travel.

Hotel in bosnia
Image by Dajana

If you choose to stay at a house or apartment that someone is renting you get a better picture of how locals live. You meet with your hosts. Sometimes they leave some local food for you to try or take you out and show you around. It is not just accommodation it is an insight in a lifestyle of locals. Isn’t that the reason why we travel? To find out about other cultures and how people live in other countries.

hotel in sarajevo
Image by Dajana

Easiest way to do that is to live like locals, eat like locals and share the neighborhood with locals.
Compered to hotel it gives you also more comfort. But it gives you additional responsibility as well. In a hotel you don’t have to make your bed or clean the bathroom. That is not the case in private home.

hotel sarajevo
Image by Dajana

In some cases like booking with Airbnb, as a guest you get rated by hosts.
How you left the house, was it clean and other details.
Traveling to someone’s home compared to staying in a hotel is also more exciting. You never know what to expect.

sarajevo view
Image by Dajana

It is good to try new things out! So, how will you choose your next accommodation?



Image By Dajana
Image By Dajana

Have you ever heard of this city that has exciting history, the best food, beautiful women and amazing architecture? It is a capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Most people know about it from news, when 20 years ago there was a war in Balkans. City has survived 4 years of siege never loosing the spirit and sense for culture, beauty and humor.

Image By Dajana
Image By Dajana

Today it is one of the popular destinations for tourists from all over the world.
Mostly they are attracted by hospitality, great food and differences that make this city so unique.
Located in Europe it is connected with flights from most big cities.
Surrounded with Olympic mountains, it has such a beautiful sights, that many travelers even compare to Switzerland.


Differences are something people from Sarajevo are most proud of. First they will show you a synagogue, mosque, catholic and orthodox church sharing 500 square meter of space. Placed next to each other build mostly in 16th century and later.

It will bring hope to any person that world is not a horrible place and people can share small space being totally different in one way, but also similar in so many ways at the same time.
If you are travelling to Europe, Sarajevo should be on your list under a “must see”.



Unforgettable Journey: The Roopkund Trek & Trail

A long awaited dream turned to reality in September of 2015 when we finally booked our tickets for the Roopkund trek! The ‘skeleton pond’ has been bewildering generations since pre-historic eras.

A flight from Pune to Delhi, then an early morning bus to Rishikesh. Some broken naps in the rugged state transport bus, and we finally reached Rishikesh.

From there, we hired a taxi till Lohajung for a treacherous 9 hours journey.

Image By Karan

After a day of rest at Lohajung, we began our trek. The first hour was very exciting. Cypress trees, steep ascends, and mountain-edged homes.

We trekked till 4 PM, and then had our first night halt at the beautiful Bedni Bugyal. It was magical watching the snow peaks illuminated by the setting sun.

Next morning, we continued as the views became more beautiful. After 1.5 hours, we reached Pathar Nachoni. We had some tea here before moving towards the base.

After 2 hours of trek, we reached the final base, Bhagwabusa. The weather was very cold, and as night grew close, storms started to build up. Some delicious khichidi for dinner, we took to our tents to sleep. With rains and winds hitting the tents hard, we had a lifetime experience!

Image By Karan

The storm of the night resulted in some snow! After breakfast, we began the last stretch. As we reached closer, the glaciers began appearing! After 3 hours of intense climbing, we finally reached the summit! It was a surreal. We basked in all we could and then began descending to civilisation.

roopkund l
Image By Karan