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30 Bizarre unbelievable places in India

1.Levitating Stone : In Maharashtra at sufi saint shrine a 70kg rock is lifted by 11 touching finger with calling his name.


2. Land of Black Magic : in Assam at mayong Museum black magic is traditionally practiced and passed to next generation.


3. Lake of Skeletons : At Chamoli, Uttarakhand a roopkund lake is lie. Where so many human skeleton has discovered.


4. Mass Bird Suicide : In Assam a mass bird suicide accrued in monsoon, a Bird flock fly in speed towards tree and building and crash to death.


5. The Curious Case Of Twins : In kodinhi (Kerala ) is famous as a twin town because there are more than 350 pair of twin children being identified.


6.Get pulled uphill by magnetic force – Magnetic Hill, Ladakh is famous for its magnetic power to pull car towards itself.


7. Home to the notorious Cream – Malana, Himachal Pradesh is a famous village and most of charas produced here.


8. Asia’s Cleanest Village : Mawlynnong, in Meghalaya is very clean place and most of people speak English fluently.


9. Village Without Doors : Shani Shignapur, in Maharashtra village is famous for its god believing because people of this village have completely believe in god so this village has not witnessed any crime.


10. Temple Of Rats – Karni Mata Temple, in Rajasthan is the home of more than 2000 rats and these rats are worshipped.


11. Land of Snakes – Shetpal, in Maharashtra state is famous village for resting place of cobras snake in household and snake bites case have been identified.


12. Dining with the Dead :In Ahmedabad a new lucky restaurant is famous because grave lie between table and people eat there without any hesitation.


13. India’s Highest and Most Tragic Waterfall : Is situated in Meghalaya at a height of 1115 feet its name is Nohkalikai Falls after a tragic case of woman called Ka Likai.



14. Hanging Pillar : Lepakshi village in Andhra Pradesh is famous for its Hanging Pillar of the Lepakshi temple.


15. World’s largest River Island – Majuli, In Assam is largest river island in world also famous for various schools to teach of Srimanta Shankardev thought.


16.The Eternal Flame : In Jwala Ji Temple, Kangra In the centre of the temple, a hollowed stone holds a flame that has been burning for hundreds of years.


17. Natural Mummy of Sangha Tenzing : Gue Village In Spiti lied preserved 500 year-old mummy of Sangha Tenzing.


18. World’s Highest Tea Estate : Kolukkumalai is a tea estate in Tamil Nadu and situated at a height of 8000 feet form sea lavel.


19. The Motorcycle God : It is called Bullet Baba Shrine at Bandai in Rajasthan state. it is a accident case and this bike always goes back to its accident place.


20. World’s Largest Monolithic Statue : This is also known bahubali and its height is 60 feet. Its is so large.


21. Half-Sized Taj Replica – Bibi Ka Maqbar in Aurangabad is also called mini taj and is built by Aurangzeb sons.


22. Living Roots Bridge – Cherrapunji in Meghalaya state it is has befriended nature and cajoled it into bending to his ways.


23. World’s Widest Banyan Tree – Botanical Garden, Howrah. it is 1250 year old Great Banyan Tree.


24.World’s Only Floating Lake : It is situated in loktal in Manipur and it is so beautiful and and has a great role of Manipur economy.


25. Dog Temple : Channapatna In Karnataka is an unusual temple in honour of man’s best friend.


26. Gravity Defying Palace -Bada Imambara in Lucknow place is hanging without the support of any pillars or beams.


27. Floating Stones – At Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu Stones used to build in bridge had Rama’s name engraved on them and they never sank in water.


28. Red Rain – This phenomenon is in Idukki (Kerala) and also classified as red area.


29. Rural Olympics : In Kila Raipur, Ludhiana. It is a Bullock racing and camels, mules a dog races are also the main attractions of this Olympic game in rural.


30. Temple of the Visa God- Balaji Temple in Hyderabad has a power to grant the visa of USA.


5 orthodox culture in india

Arranged Marriage

In India people are still selecting their partners by their parents or other relatives but the reality is that arrange marriage is dropped by world in 18 centaury.



Honor Killing

When two people are marry without their parents’ permission then in some cases they are killed by their relatives for self respect.



In India when  people are groomed then girl parents give some important thing or money  to boy for their happy life but if boy side is demand for expensive things  and more money  then it

Is dowry case.


Baby Dropping

A baby child is dropped from a height about in 50 feet in Hindu and Muslim religion to bless them for good luck.


Kesh Lochan

In Jain religion the saints and monks  go bald to sacrifice their hair and offer it to the god.