Where Is Dronagiri Parvat and its Importance

While India houses the largest conglomeration of the Himalayan ranges, there are even more peaks known and some unknown for the towering altitude. Beyond this, there is a lone towering mountain called dronagiri Parvat.

Dronagiri Parvat shares a great significance in one of the biggest epics of Hinduism, the Ramayana. Although Dronagiri Parvat isn’t a famous name, literally everyone can easily relate to the epic Ramayana, when they say “Sanjeevani.” Yes, Dronagiri parvat, Uttrakhand is all about the magical herbal mountain.

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Dronagiri Parvat and Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman is one of the prime gods in Hinduism. He is worshipped for education, strength, bravery and courage. However, there is a unique place, literally a small village where nobody worships Lord Hanuman. The residents of the village are still angry and frustrated at the act of Lord Hanuman, which happened yugas ago.

Lord Hanuman, the epic Ramayana, Sanjeevani, rejuvenation, and new life connect effortlessly at this beautiful location, Dronagiri. The story of Lord Hanuman carrying a mountain to help Lakshmana gain conscious, Lord Rama’s brother who turned unconscious in the battle field is pretty much popular. Although it appears very trivial, the real scenario behind this little incident is massive. Let us take a brief look at Dronagiri Parvat and its significance.

Dronagiri Parvat – An overview

Dronagiri Parvat  is a small yet picturesque village, located on the Chamoli District, in Joshimath Block, Uttrakhand. It is a village located in the valley of flowers, aka Himalayas. Obviously, the atmosphere that encompasses the village stands magnificent. The village is located at an altitude of 14000 feet above the sea level.

This is village, mentioned in the epic Ramayana as Dronagiri parvat. Lord Hanuman took away a mountain, for Sanjeevani herb for Lakshmana from Dronagiri. Before the advent of Ramayana, and Lord Hanuman’s act to take away the mountain, the villagers worshipped that mountain as their saving grace. The village prohibits red flag and still follows peculiar traditions and practices. Red is one of the color that signifies the power of Lord Hanuman.

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As a result, natives in the village, Dronagiri Parvat Uttrakhand still do not worship Lord Hanuman.
Dronagiri parvat was the only mountain that holds the herb Sanjeevani, which has the ability to cure any ailment and malady. Apparently, Lord Hanuman carried the parvat to the battlefield in Sri Lanka to treat Lakshmana.

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Why Dronagiri parvat Uttrakhand is considered quite significant?

The mountain holds life, energy, rejuvenation and peace. More than it, it holds the natural aura which helped the villagers to live happily without any health maladies. While Sanjeevani is one of the life saving herbs, there are thousands of unidentified herbs taken away from the Dronagiri.
Apparently, locals were deprived of the natural source, native to their village. Meanwhile, while carrying the mountains Lord Hanuman was not able to hold it fully. Bits and pieces of the mountain fell into five different places. The chunks of mountain fell on different places houses significant medicinal value and called Sanjeevani drops.
·         Kachchativu Island in very north,
·         Thalladi, Mannar,
·         Ritigala between Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa,
·         Dolukanda near Arankale ancient monastery hospital,
·         Rumassala in Unawatuna near Galle.
These places carry the very essence of the special Himalayan medicinal value and fauna.

Dronagiri Parvat and its Importance

A small episode of the epic Ramayana strongly holds great importance in turning the pages. The brief story of Lord Hanuman who saved the life of Lakshmana by bringing the Sanjeevani herb counts immensely on winning the battlefield against Demon King Ravana.

Although this part of the epic appears meager in the life of Rama, Valmiki’s Ramcharit Manas and Tulsidas’s Ramayana threw light on this episode, which comes with a few differences.

The unconditional love of Lakshmana on Rama, his brother is beyond and above the imagination of brotherhood. Even when Rama was exiled to forest, Lakshmana accompanied him and served him.
During the battlefield at Lanka, against Ravana, Lakshmana turned unconscious, rendered by Ravana. Lakshmana appeared as the destroyer of the enemy and a great warrior at the battlefield. At a peak, Ravana raged at Lakshmana and hurled a serpent on Lakshmana, which knocked him down.

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Lord Rama dwelled deeply into immense grief, looking at Lakshmana’s condition. He served almost a part of his life to Rama. Rama sought assistance to save the life of Lakshmana. Sushena instructed Lord Hanuman to bring the herbs, which was the only thing on the planet that could save the life of Lakshmana. He directed Hanuman to locate the place and pick the herbs.

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It was nothing but Dronagiri Parvat, Uttrakhand. Lord Hanuman was the only power, who can save fly swiftly to the Dronagiri parvat and could bring the herbs. As directed by Lord Rama and Sushena, he flew to Uttrakhand. However, he was unable to locate that specific herb, Sanjeevani. Since he had very limited time to save Lakshmana’s life, he broke a large part of the mountain, and flew away to Lanka. Eventually, the herb Sanjeevani was identified and Lakshmana got back his life.

Another version of the story states that Ravana’s son Meghnad triggered the destructive weapon, Brahmastra on Ramas army which injured Lakshmana and the whole army of apes. Only a few, which includes Hanuman managed to escape from the influence of this weapon. As directed by Jambwan, Hanuman flew to a specific part of Himalayas which feature the mountain of medicines.
Myths and stories that revolve around Dronagiri Parvat, Uttrakhand

Dronagiri Parvat – Story from the villagers

Villagers of the Dronagiri parvat Uttrakhand have a slightly modified version to the same story. While Hanuman reached Dronagiri, he was clueless about the mountain that carry the celestial properties. He approached an old woman and inquired for the mountain with Sanjeevani herb. She pointed to a mountain, which was nothing but Dronagiri Mountain. He immediately flew but due to lack of medicinal knowledge, he cannot identify it. So, he quickly broke the mountain and flew away.

Eventually, the elderly person was socially abandoned. In fact, the mountain above the village looked like head chopped off.

And as a result, a few practices are even prevailing in the village.
·         Villagers do not eat any woman’s special Pooja feast owing to the Mountain Goddess
·         Women belong to the village who participate in the Pooja are outspoken. They remain quiet.

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Dronagiri Parvat Trek

Apart from carrying an immense value in the epic Ramayana, Dronagiri Parvat Trek grew as one of the important and most fascinating trekking destinations in India.
Dronagiri Parvat trek is literally called, “trek in the Land of Sanjeevani.”
The mystical and magical land of Sanjeevani herb turns out one of the most sought after trekking destinations.
·         Joshimath – 6300 feet height
·         Jumma – 7500 feet height
·         Rwing – 7850 feet height
·         Dronagiri Village – 12000 feet height

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Trek to Dronagiri has become quite common. The trek route begins from the place, Jumma. It is a serene hamlet, located on the Joshimath Malari Road. The drive from the Malari Road to Jumma appears quite magical which holds trekkers a great surprise. It begins from moving through Rocky Mountains, enjoying along the banks of Dhauli Ganga, which appealingly change as green valley at Jumma.

The trek holds quite a lot of distinctive flavors and adventures, from peaks, swinging bridges, meadows, glaciers, wildlife and many more.
The dwarfed top of Dronagiri peak is not visible from the village. Trekkers have to travel a few kilometers to relish the peak.

A gentle walk for about 2 kms to the place called Dhaar, provides great vicinity on the stretched mountains along with a glimpse on the Dronagiri peak. If you are in for more thrill and spine chilling adventure, go for a trek to “Nandi Kund.”

Dronagiri parvat trek:

Interested trekkers can plan for a trekking adventure and reach Rishikesh. Rishikesh is easily reachable from New Delhi by all modes of transport. Usually the trekking adventure to Dronagiri parvat trek involves the following:

  •   A road drive from Rishikesh to Joshimath Road – Takes about one day
  •   From Joshimath to Jumma – 45 kms and a 3 km trek to Rwing – second Day
  •   On third day from Rwing to the village.
  •   From Dronagiri village to the Nandi Kund base camp.
  •   Exploration of Nandi Kund trek on fifth day
  •   Return from Nandi Kund to Rwing
  •   Rwing to Joshimath and to Rishikesh

Typically it takes minimum of one week to plan a proper schedule to explore Dronagiri parvat trek. The trek is usually a guided one, which comes as all inclusive package of food and tented shelter at aprporirpate places.

In addition to exploring the peak that has greater significance, the villagers are very much keen on narrating various legends surrounding their region. The hidden treasure of the Himalayas is being explored on an adventurous journey, as Dronagiri parvat trek.

An inviting note to the adventure travel lovers. Jumma – Dronagiri parvat trek is declared as the trek of the year 2017. Explore the less trodden trail, and enjoy the bliss of the home of the Sanjeevani herb.
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