Most Common 5 Bad Habits That Will Ruin Your Lives

Indulging in bad habits like smoking, drinking, insomnia etc. are not the only things can that can result in diseases. There are various such wrong habits which we humans are oblivious to their effects and can affect our body as other habits. We don’t take these habits seriously and this negligence makes it out heart to suffer. Some of these are

1. Working on computers till long hours

Researchers have found out that the computers and work stations carry 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat contains. If you take your lunch on work seat, you can imagine the number of bacteria entering your body through them. 

2. Telling lies

Maybe you won’t have ever thought of the fact that telling lies is not healthy for your heart. It is unhealthy to tell lie despite the reason it is told for.

3. Brushing your teeth for long

Some type of foods leave acid on your enamel, brushing it off after that makes it spread further making the enamel weak in the process.

4. Withdrawing money from ATM

Researchers from British University has found out that the ATM space is as dirty as public toilet. And usually people who use ATM do not wash hands after that. These bacteria is very harmful and directly affect your body.

5. Drinking through straws

Prefer not to use straw for drinking. Sucking through straw forces your excess air to dry up! This makes your stomach to bulge out and results in gastric problems.