How to Get Rid of Social Anxiety

Meeting people, sharing themselves with the world and making friends is not fun for everyone out there. Social interactions can be a sickening nightmare for a few people. Even just thinking about mingling with others causes anxiety. Are you also the one for whom social meetings and get-togethers are nerve wrecking? Do you doubt your social adequacy more often? Do you worry a lot about your repo in public and always have a fear of saying or doing something that people won’t like? We have a solution for you – be yourself and accept yourself the way you are!

Social anxiety is not just shyness; it’s a phobia that causes panic. Increased heart-rate, sweating, blushing, shaky voice, dry mouth and upset stomach are some of the symptoms of social anxiety. Moreover, crippling consciousness or nervousness or getting tensed while communicating are the additions in this disagreeable mix.

Social anxiety is degrading the quality of your life. Once you become socially confident and open to others, it will open door for new job opportunities, new connections and simply, more fun. 

Why worry when there is no such need at the first place? Boost up your social confidence and enjoy your presence more often! 

Still finding difficult? Here are few ways that would help you fight the social anxiety, and believe us, we are with you! 

 Get relaxed! Calm yourself!

Being relaxed in social situations is the key! As soon as you get calm socially, all of your worries and thoughts like “what do I do or say next?” disappear. Just go with the flow and make a conversation more natural without feeling like forcing it on yourself or others. 

If you feel more scared or anxious just by looking at the number of people at a social gathering, you can try sitting in a chair or in a warm place to feel more relaxed. Meanwhile, you would get some time to collect your confidence for facing others and communicating with them.

 Seek out social situations

This is your mind that builds this fear or phobia of social anxiety. Remember one thing, the more you avoid something, the more your subconscious mind will convey the message “this is dangerous! Avoid it!” 

So in order to get rid of your fears and live life with more fun, you need to shut down your fears. Make yourself more active in social situations. Doing this in social gathering and parties will demolish your fears and send message to your subconscious mind that “everything is fine! This is normal.” Stay calm and be yourself!

 Explore your surroundings

Socially challenged people focus inwards and they are always anxious about what they should say or do. They are more focused on their own feelings more than anything else. They get shy in social gatherings and have worse recall or knowledge of the environment because all the time they have been focusing inward, not outward. 

 Think positive, stay positive!

What goes around, comes around! Think positive and positive will happen. And above all, it won’t hurt to be positive. What’s the point of being negative then? Create positive vibes. This will not only boost your confidence but would also  drive negativity out from your life.

Therefore, it is more important to look outward and lower down your anxiety. When in social 
settings, make a mental note of the environment you are in. For an instance, take a look at the 
color of the walls; look at pictures on the walls and see what others are wearing. This will 
you feel relaxed and indulged in the situation. 

One life! Live it fully and moreover, live the way you want and not as the others expect. 
Once you will accept yourself fully, happiness will follow!
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