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The days of election are so hectic that the heat generated  would melt the snow. Famous journalist ravi rai witnessed the candidates in the fray when he visited  the party office of the ruling party soon after The declaration of the election .Tickets seekers inundated the offices  of their respective parties. When Ravi visited  the ruling party office, he noticed a group of five prospective candidates  ,sitting in a corner And discussing ways and means to obtain tickets. These  five khuda buks,gurbaksh singh ,jacob R, param priyadas and banwari parsad were close friends. They had won their last election from khichadbas, dhansai ,peerwala, banku and sidhauda. 

They had entered politics at different times and hence their experience of contesting election was not uniform .If one was a first timer, the other was contesting for the second or third time and so on.
In the last election they had defeated their rivals by 3,54,191; 71,917;99,998; and 1,35,971; votes .Joy collected the following information about their result;
Khuda baksh had contested for the fourth time. His winning margin was more than jocob but less than the winning margin of khuda baksh.  Banwari had defeated his rival by a large margin of votes.his lone rival was darshan rai whom he had defeated by 17981 votes making it difficult for darshan rai to save his security though he had managed to save it.
Banwari parsad however had lost to an unimportant opposite candidate in his second election. 
       Bamwari had never contested from dhansai.  Param priyadas’s winning margin was neither greatest
Nor narrowest. But he won the election securing more votes than banwari. Param priyadas won the election from khichadbas .
Jacob rival gibson was defeated twice by jacob earilier both had never contested from sidhuada .the candidate from dhansai had contested only once till then.
Ravi rai could not understand who contested from where? He was puzzled. 

Can you tell?
(a)who defeated whom?
(b)by how many votes ?
(c)how many times the winner had contested the last election?

It should be remembered that the party tickets will be given to the candidates on the basis of correct answer to the above. 
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