Game puzzle

Ratan had written an account of a test match with effort.His  younger brother, shahid , a naughty chap, came and tore away some of the acconts. On the bias of rules and knowledge of  cricket,please state which  bowler bowled which batsman and now? Also you have to tell how many runs that batsman scored for his team:
1.The batsman who was out on the bowling of imran had scroed more runs than the batsman  whom harun ran out 
2. Kasim’s victim was bowled. Bedi contributed only 1 runs.
3.Gavasker  was caught for 46 runs from a no ball. Surender did not reach half century.
His wicket was taken by mustaq.
4.Miandad caught a batsman who had scored only 36 runs. In chetan’s score, there was no figure of 8.
5.Wicket kepper bari missed a  Change from surender who had scroed 46 runs .
6.Kapil dev was out for 8 runs.He was caught by harun. Bowler safraj’s victim reached double figure.

This is about the game of bridge and extremely tricky at that .Although  you have to identify from fifty 
Two cards you may have to tackle your brain to the maximum.we started with ‘no triump’, comtract call from the opponents.they made 13 tricks and the position on the table was as under;
No trick contained more than one card of the same value. There was no trick that had more than two picture cards such as A.K.Q.J.The first trick’s  highest  card was in equal in  value to the second lowest card in the second trick .
The second trick’s  lowest was higher than the second lowest in either the 4th or the 12th.
The third trick’s lowest was equal in value to the highest in the second.
The fourth  trick’s seconds highest was equal to the highest in the 12th trick.the fifth trick was without a picture card. The sixth trick’s highest was lower than the  lowest in the 7th
The seventh trick’s highest equalled the scond lowest in the 8th trick. The 8th ,10th and 11th tricks were identical in the value of the cards that made up each trick.
The 9th trick’s seconds lowest equalled the seconds lowest in the fifth trick. The 12th trick’s seconds highest equalled in the value the highest in the 13th trick.
All four of the fives fell in successive trick.
Six was the last card to be played. From the above would you tell what value of cards made up each of the 13th trick?