famous quotes

Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon or star.

Appearances are often deceiving.

Every man was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

I never trust a man unless I have his pecker in my pocket.

Never forget that the most powerful force on earth is love.

The only thing that saves us from the bureaucracy is its inefficiency.

What this country needs is more unemployed 

A lawyer and a wagon wheel must be well greased.
Law is a bottomless pit.

When men are pure , laws are useless when men arte corrupt laws are broken.

Beware of  little expenses a small leak will sink a great ship.

The difference a rich and a poor man is this the former eats when he pleases and the latter  when he can get it.

When articles rise the consumer is the first that suffers and when they fall he is the last that gains.

Pay him in his own coin.

He is poor whose expenses exceed his income.

Live within your means.

Better go to bed supper less than rise  in debt .

Speech is a mirror  of the soul as a man speaks so is he.