Sweet Famous quotes

Nothing is more precious than time, yet nothing less valued.

It is not the early rising, but the well spending of the day.

As every thread of gold is valuable, so is every minute of time.

Husband is like fires. They go out if unattended.

Many a man owes his success to his first wife and his second wife to his success.

A fat paunch never breeds fine thoughts.

I don’t trust him. We are friends.

A man can’t be too careful in the choice of his enemies.

Anyone can win, unless there happens to be second entry.

Fish and visitors smell in three days.

Every dog must have his day.

A good dinner sharpens wit, while it softens the heart .

The empty vessel makes the greatest sound.

All feet cannot wear one shoe.

It takes two to make a quarrel.

A cat is lion to the mouse.

A bad beginning makes a bad ending.

Not every world requires an answer.

Every things hurts.

Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand.

Fifteen cents of every twenty cents stamp goes for storage.

The Jewish position on abortion is that a foetus is a foetus until  it gets out of medical school/

An empty taxi stopped, and jack Warner got out.

A liberated woman is one who has sex before marriage and a job after.

God sends meat and the devil sends cook.