Ozone and Its Enemies

Ozone is spread all over the atmosphere but its maximum connection is found in the stratosphere,more exactly, its lower part , located approximately at a height of  twenty of thirty kilometers from the earth.
But if all the zone could be extracted from the air it would from a layer about three millimeters thick.
For comparison ,the whole air mass at normal pressure would be eight kilometers thick.
         mesosphere  Ozone is of colossal benefit for our planet.Absorbing the biologically  dangerous ultraviolet solar
radiation, it keeps this radiation from earth 's  surface.Ozone changes the temperature of the atmosphere;
holding back the ultraviolet radiation ,it becomes heated itself and heats the surrounding air.Absorbing the
thermal radiation of earth; surface ,ozone contributes to the greenhouse effect ,thus influencing the climate .
        The main"killers " of ozone -Freon -have  already done more than sixty -year services as coolants
in refrigerators and air conditioners and sprayers for aerosol mixtures and foaming agents . They are  stable
and inactive ,one atom of chlorine can destroy up to one hundred thousand molecules of ozone .the two main varieties of Freon can "live "  in the atmosphere for as long as seventy -five to a hundred .
   Apart from Freon , damage to the ozone layer can be done by methane ,nitrite oxide  ,and other substances numbering about thirty in all.

Ozone alert 

      In the last few years many  alarming things have been reported  about the ozone layer of the Earth's
atmospheres .

Reduction in Ozone will Skin -cancer Case 

         When chlorofluorocarbons were developed more than half country ago ,they were held as miracle
chemicals .there, through a complex series of reaction ,the CFC's have worked to break apart molecules of ozone, natural chemical that plays  an essential role in absorbing the harmful ultraviolet light  emanating.
        The amount of ozone over the northern hemisphere had already decreased as much as three percent
from 1969-1986.  Each percent reduction in ozone may cause sa much as six percent increase in skin cancer cases  annually from exposure  to ultra violate reduction.