sense organs or organs of special sense

1. Sense of touch is due to touch corpuscles in the skin.

2. Sense of taste is due to taste buds in the papillae of the tongue. Tip of the tongue is most sensitive of sweet taste, and the back part is sensitive to bitter taste.

3. Sense of sight: To see an object, its image must be formed on the retina. Convexity of the lens of the eye increase when the object is nearer and increase when the object is far away to get the image in each case on the retina. The property of the lens by which it is able to adjust its convexity to form distinct image of the object at various distance from it on the retina is called accommodation. When ciliary muscles do not work properly to bring about accommodation of the lens, the eye becomes defective.

4. Sense of smell This is due to the presence of smell perceiving cells presents in the lining of the nasal chambers.

5. Sense of hearing : It is due to the movement of ear drum by the sound waves.