clean funny jokes of the day

When homer cam from college his mother insisted on unpacking his trunk. she took out a coat with a pawnshop tag on it.
"Homer, what's this tag for? " She asked.
"Oh. i went to a dance and checked my coat," replied her son.

Presently his mother hauled out a pair of trousers with same tag on it and fainted.


Strolling through the card room of a business men's club, a member was surprised to see three men and a dog playing poker. Pausing to watch, he commented on the extraordinary performance of the dog.

                  "He's not so smart," the dog's owner said in disgust. "every time he gets a good hand he wags his tail."


Investigator: "Are you a natural-born citizen of USA?"

Anxious witness: "No-no, Sir, I'm a Caesarean."