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College Life struggles

If you have decided to upgrade the quality of your life, you need to invest in yourself and your capabilities, college is ideal thing for you. It is not easy to choose the collage, because college is more different and difficult compared to High school. You have to prepare for more intense learning, you have to be strong and determined.

Expect to experience many ups and downs, but that is part of life, also you will need a strong motivation, support and desire to get you succeeded. I write this article because recently i complete my graduation and during my graduation i always follow Greg Prescott’s blog and that blog contain inspirational articles about college life and struggles, i think college students get some article here according to their interest. One of the best article i read is “How To Balance College And A Social Life”

Don’t loose motivation during struggle

I’m sure that you heard the stories of your older friends or parents who are glad to talk about their college life experience, memories and stories, often you can hear something like – i would be happy to return to the time when i was in college, surrounded by good roommates and professors, college is part of life! The hardest year in college is certainly the first year or freshman year, you don’t know anybody yet, you need to adapt to the way of college life and things about college.



You’ll be your own boss, you have to well organise a day to finish all obligations on time, that is the biggest problem because if you do not organise day well, you will remain awake until late at night and that is not good at all. Try to meet a few friends so you can constantly hang out with them, so you will not fall into depression, it is very important to have great motivation to get things going well.

Balance between money and time during struggle

You must become independent, because you will not have day/night control of your parents, also you need to know that you will need a lot of money to pay your bills, food and books, so you have to figure out how to earn extra money and ensure your needs well. If you have a laptop or PC, try out your luck on the popular internet earning, beware of scams! Choose a job that suits you best and start to look for offers, you can’t become rich, but sure that you will make extra pocket money.

If you find a full time job, it can be good on the one hand and on the other hand it can be loose. The good side of this story is that you will provide money for your needs, and bad thing is – time problem, you will lose almost whole day and your studies are not going to wait, you need good organization. If you decide on a job like this, you will need to figure out how to get all obligations done on time, so it is necessary to have an additional motivation and organization of learning.



A large number of people due to lack of motivation and money decide to leave college, but this is not good at all, you must invest in yourself if you want success in your life, let it be the main motivation for success. The first few months are critical for all students, you make critical decisions that will affect the rest of your life. It is important to provide yourself rest period, you should be well rested for future challenges, the good thing is to connect with other students to help each other. Try to eat healthy food and sleep well, try to learn basic culinary stuff, because you will not have the help of your parents, if you become too depressed and isolated feel free to look for professional help.


Finish college is an incredibly good decision, so do not be afraid, When all this is over, you will be proud of yourself, and you will be happy thinking up all the days in college, think about your future, it is best for you!


Introduction to SAP HANA

SAP HANA is an in-memory, column oriented database and platform which can be deployable as on premise, On-Cloud and hybrid (On premise and On-Cloud both). SAP HANA runs on only authenticated hardware.
In this article you will learn about –
* SAP HANA In-Memory Concept
* Advantage of SAP HANA


SAP HANA is introduced in 2012 as database for BI, day-by-day it become main database and platform for SAP ERP. It is deployable as on-premises, On-Cloud and Hybrid.

SAP HANA is combination of SAP HANA Database and SAP HANA platform. Which detail is as below-

1. SAP HANA Database – SAP HANA is in-memory database i.e. all data reside in RAM. Actually when SAP HANA server starts, it loads data from hard disk to RAM. Due to data in RAM, no hard disk access required, it result higher performance.

2. SAP HANA Platform – SAP HANA Platform is a development platform, by which simple, powerful and faster application can be develop.

SAP HANA In-Memory Concept

When SAP HANA start up, SUSE Linux Operating System reserve memory for program code / stack and static data. OS can dynamically reserve memory for SAP HANA database upon request from SAP HANA Server.


In above picture it shows that allocated memory for SAP HANA database and used memory by SAP HANA Database.

SAP HANA create a memory pool for manage consumption of memory.

When more memory required by SAP HANA database for table growth, SAP HANA Memory manager manage from Pool.

Any one can take SAP server on rent easily there are lots of company provide SAP server at low price like this website 

SAP HANA Advantage

SAP HANA database support real time analytics, means it can be access as by analytics tools.

• All data in SAP HANA database reside in SAP HANA Server RAM, so data access goes to fast.
It leads higher performance, quick result.

• All complex computation done on database layer instead of application layer, provide higher performance.

• SAP HANA database uses Multi Core Processor for parallel processing of job.

• SAP HANA Compress the data is database, so less hard disk required.

• SAP HANA database uses Multi-ternate option, by which multiple database can be created on one machine.

• SAP HANA support Row and Column store type database table.

• Data can be aggregated from many sources, i.e. SAP HANA support many databases.

• Real Time replication can be done by using SLT server.

• SAP HANA providing data modelling and design environment by using SAP HANA Studio.

* SAP HANA is in-memory database and application development platform.
* SAP HANA support real time replication and reporting.
* In SAP HANA data can be loaded from different data sources like SLT, BODS, DXC etc.
* SAP HANA runs on only authenticated hardware.

Daily Quotes

Barbara de Angelis quote

“We need to find the courage to say no to the things and people that are not serving us if we want to rediscover ourselves and live our lives with authenticity.” –Barbara de Angelis

Rain Quote


A great time to visit Goa is the month of August.

With very less crowd this time of year, one can find some very cheap accommodation! It’s a time when monsoon have either come or approaching. The Arambol beach in North and the Paloem in south are favorites.

The monsoons make the Goa backyard a very mesmerizing sight. The experience of driving in rains on Goa’s road is magical. One of the best stretches is the Baga to Arambol drive. One must not forget to explore the vintage. The churches will transport you to a different era!



The water sports activities are mostly closed at this time of the year because of high tides.

It can also be a little quiet on the beach shacks. Not all would be open, so search for the good ones.

The forts of Anjuna or Vagator are a great place to view the seas from the top. Do check the mesmerizing Portuguese architecture of Panjim.

The casinos experience is also something that one shouldn’t miss. There are some in Baga and Panjim.



Goa is a place that one should go to have a quiet and chilling 2-3 days. Choose a good beach, just lay down in a shack, with a beer or anything you like.